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Patio doors in Phoenix, ArizonaAt Stellar Glass, it’s important to us that you get your broken glass fixed as soon as possible so you get back to your life. When your sliding glass door isn’t sliding, locking, and working the way it should – you’re not just losing the use of your door, you’re may be losing the seal that keeps your warm air inside during the winter, and the hot air out during the summer.

A slider should move smoothly enough for you to open it with one hand while balancing a tray of food from the grill in the other. If your patio door or sliding screen door has gotten to the point where you have to wrestle it along the track, it’s not as hard as you think to get it right again. If you don’t want to deal with it and just want it fixed, call your local sliding door repair experts. But for the do-it-yourself type, you can usually get your door right in an hour or two with the right tools, parts, and a little muscle.

Either way we’re happy to help you however we can. Whether you’re looking to replace your door or repair it, call us at (602) 679-8346 to schedule an appointment to come out and discuss your options with you.

Fix or Replace Your Glass Doors

sliding glass door repair

Anything you might need to repair your sliding glass door, we’re here for you. Whether your door is new or old, we’re experts in repairing all types of sliding glass doors. To ensure you make the right choice we’ll come out and give you a free estimate along with our recommendation if you should repair the door or replace it.

And we mean all sliding glass doors:

▪ Standard sliding glass door repair

▪ Special size sliding glass door repair

▪ French glass door repair

▪ Interior sliding glass door repair

▪ Patio glass door repair

▪ Aluminum frame glass door repair

A few things you want to look for with your sliding door:

Bad rollers – Roller Replacement

When you are having a hard time opening and closing your sliding glass door, you’re most likely dealing with bad rollers, meaning your sliding door wheels need to be replaced.

Damaged Roller Track – Track Repair and Replacement

When you know your sliding door is bad but its at the bottom of your priority list, then you sometimes end up with a damaged roller track from the abuse of pulling and wrestling with your door to get it to move. A damaged sliding door track often show up in the same way that bad rollers do, meaning it’s a hard to open the door. The bouncing and scraping you create by forcing the door is what damages the slider track. We recommend trying to place a track cover over the damaged track to try to fix the problem, but if the patio door track is in disrepair then you’ll have to replace the track.

Bad locks – Security Locks and Bars

Sliding glass doors have a reputation of being easy targets for burglars, so securing your patio sliding door is essential. Be sure your door is locking properly and if you don’t have one, purchase a security bar to maximize its security. Our sliding glass door repair will fix or replace the existing locks on your doors.

Bad Seal – Leaking Doors

If your weatherstripping has worn out then you’ve lost the seal around your door. If you can feel a cold draft coming in from around the door, then you should probably call someone in to take a look at it and see if it’s something you can fix, or if you need to let the pros repair it.  You’re also susceptible to a water leak that can cause a significant damage to your home. If your sliding door is leaking, you will want to install a weather stripping replacement.

Do It Yourself Repair

Before calling in a repairman, there are a few things you can try yourself. Dirty rollers are the main reason sliding doors get stuck or are hard to open and close. Dirt, food, hair and whatever else may be in your home get ground onto the track, and causes many of the sliding issues. All that dirt and debris clogs the rollers underneath the door. This is one of those things we’re happy to come in and do for you, but if you want to do it yourself, the repair usually takes about an hour once you have the repair kit and the right tools. To walk you throw it, This Old House has a great tutorial you can follow here, or give us a call and we’ll be happy to do it for you.

However, if you follow these steps and the door still doesn’t slide, the door may have been installed poorly or there may be an underlying structural problem, like an undersized header above the door or a rotten sill beneath it. For these kinds of things you’ll want to call Stellar Glass Works to diagnose the problem and make the necessary fixes.

But if you get the old door sliding like new, it’s simple to keep it that way: Be sure to vacuum the track well whenever you clean the room and you will avoid the most basic cause for sliding door replacements.
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