curbless shower enclosure

Upgrade your shower safety with a walk in shower

Walk-in Showers

Upgrade your shower, lose the curb, add a bench

curbless shower enclosure

Luxury showers don’t have to come with luxury price tags. Its time to consider making the upgrades to your bathroom you’ve been thinking about by adding these upgrades to your shower.

  • Remove the curb from your shower for easy access.
  • Install a bench for a convenient rest and/or place to shave.
  • Convert your tub enclosure into a walk in shower.
  • Replace your curtains with glass for style and easy cleaning.
  • Add a cubby to store your products and clear the clutter.

By upgrading your shower enclosure you build a beautiful space, create a safer bathing area, remodel the style of your bathroom, and give yourself a private spa retreat. Upgrading your shower will also give you a return on your investment in the form of a higher resale value of your home.

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, a Stellar Glass Works pro can show you a variety of styles and options, making the most of your current space to give you maximum results without breaking the bank.

Walk In Showers Advantages

The walk in shower is increasingly popular because it instantly grabs people’s attention and becomes an instant talking point. Visitors want to know you keep the water inside the shower, how much does a shower this nice cost, and who do they call to get one. Homeowners also value a personal space. Therefore, home values with remodeled showers are seeing an increase, and homes are more likely to sell with an upgraded bathroom feature.

Lets go over just a few of the many reasons why your should speak with a local shower expert about upgrading your shower:


Especially for our clients who are aging gracefully, the safety and ease of access are the biggest reason for upgrading their shower. Stepping over a curb or high bathtub onto a wet, slippery tub floor is extremely dangerous, especially for those with physical limitations. A walk in shower gives you a smooth, even surface to move in and out of your shower. Keep your feet on solid ground, and don’t ever stub your toes again. Additionally, there are a variety of safety options available such as seats and rails to hold onto, for added security.


There’s a point where every homeowner gets sick and tired of having a curtain on their shower. Replacing the curtain with a sleek and elegant glass door is easy to install and creates instant appeal. If you are looking to remove a tub as well and convert your tub/shower to a full shower enclosure; you’re also adding much needed space! Families with small children experience the dangers of trying to walk around a traditional bathtub and shower combo when trying to shower young children while dodging toys and everything else.

At the same time, you have a variety of finishes and accessories that tie in the interior design of your bathroom into your newly redesigned shower. Whether you choose a frameless or framed shower, you have full control of the look and feel that you want in your shower enclosure. With the wide array of options, not only can you get the look you want, but that look doesn’t have to be expensive, to look expensive. At Stellar Glass Works, we only want to install showers that you will absolutely love. Dreamline, Vigo, Basco, and more. We are happy to take you through all of your options to bring together your style, and your budget.

glass shower doors

Financial Return

The initial cost of a walk-in shower will require an investment up front. For a stand shower door you can likely expect $700 – $1,000. Then you’ll have the cost of the construction to remove your curb and remodel the floor of your shower to drain properly and contain any water from running into your bathroom. However, even if you go for a complete shower remodel and spend $4,000 – $5,000, according to Angie’s List you are likely to recoup 84% of that. While some home value estimators claim you’ll see higher returns than that for a remodeled bathroom.

Walk In Showers Options

The glass enclosure and curbless design are one thing. Your options are another. Every person will find different options to suit their needs. Choose from convenient features such as cubbies and shelves to store bath products, a bench seat  to give yourselves a place to sit down and shave your legs, or add handrails for additional safety.

Your hardware comes in a variety of materials and finishes as well. Door handles, towel racks, additional showerheads, and more all come in different styles, shapes, and materials. Meaning cost savings for you without always having to sacrifice on design.

Who to Talk to

Be sure to research any contractor you’re looking to hire before allowing them to touch your home. Be sure they are licensed, insured, and recommended by quality reviews. If you’re in the Phoenix, Arizona area – the decision gets much easier, just call Stellar Glass Works and we’ll be happy to come visit your home and discuss your options with you in person.


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