Shower Doors & Custom Shower Enclosures

Experience a whole new type of shower

We understand the many considerations home owners have when remodeling their bathroom with a custom shower. Trusting a contractor to install the highest quality glass at the best price for a shower you’ll love without the regret is why our customer service goes beyond scratches and nix in shower glass to ensuring you love everything about our work.

There are bathrooms, and then there are beautifully designed spaces that offer peace and serenity with each use. Engineered and installed to your specifications and needs, shower and tub enclosures create a luxury appeal for both the homeowner and future buyers.

There are many options for shower enclosures that offer the client variation in cost and construction of a glass shower. Start with the decision to install a framed, semi-frameless, or frameless shower. Choose the thickness of glass for the shower doors and panels between 1/4″, 3/8″ or 1/2″ glass. While styles include clear, obscure, patterned, etched or slumped designs.

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Philip and Richard are thoughtful, creative, hard working men who installed two beautiful showers for me. The idea of using anyone else is daunting to me. It scared me to let strangers into my home. The only glass company I'll use is Stellar Glass! - Liz Cho

The hardware finishes work to complement the rest of your bathroom, while adding the look and feel you want to embody the space with your unique touch on both beauty and feel.

Once you decide the main materials you want to build with, work with a professional designer to safely engineer and design your shower to fit within your available space, while maintaining a strong structure that will hold up over time.

Frameless Glass Shower

When you install a frameless shower door, you’re adding a simple upgrade that increases value and adds a bit of luxury to your home. Adding a modern look by removing the metal framing around the glass.

Our frameless glass shower doors add a level of beauty to a shower that is unlike another other shower design. Some people have concerns about the durability of a frameless glass shower door, but we install a tempered glass that is either 3/8″ or 1/2″ glass, and engineer the shower to be incredibly durable.

There are limiting factors for a custom frameless shower and not every space can accommodate a frameless design. However, we’ll explain the design options and will always work to create a semi-frameless or framed shower that offers its own luxurious look and beauty.

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Semi-Frameless & Framed Showers

Design and functionality are always finding new ways to reinvent themselves. The framed shower enclosure is yet another prime example where beauty meets functionality. Utilizing the added structural integrity of a metal frame offers designers more possibilities when it comes to shower design. It also opens up more material options for glass and hardware – meaning you can save on glass, hardware, and installation because there isn’t as much fabrication required. Framed units are also more water-tight due to the close tolerances and flush joints.

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