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When to Repair Your Glass

Broken windows are never something you want to spend money on. Especially if you don’t truly need to replace the entire window, or only need to replace 1 instead of 5. Knowing you’re making the best choice for your home and your wallet can make a world of difference in deciding what you want to do. So when looking for the right contractor, call a Phoenix window company that has been trusted for over a decade and give us a call.

Should You Repair or Replace your Broken Glass?

If you’re faced with broken glass, from cracked glass in anything to foggy insulated window panes, yet the window frame itself is still in good working condition – repair them instead of replacing them. You may pay more than three times as much to replace the entire window or door, so we always look to repair the window first. If you’re ready to upgrade to energy efficient windows, or want to remodel your windows, click here for more information on window replacement.

Average Costs of Window Repairs

To give you an idea of some typical costs of repairing window panes, we want to give you general numbers with all costs and labor included:

Single pane, one window: about $250
Double pane, two windows: $350 to $400
Bay windows, three panes: $500 to $1,000 depending on size
Bow windows, five+ panes: $1,000 to $3,000
Most typical window repairs will fall between $157 and $504, with the average being $324.

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Same Day Glass Replacement Options

Single Pane Clear Glass

Single Pane Standard Size Patio Door Glass

Dual Pane Patio Door Glass Standard Sizes

(Clear, Bronze, Low-E in Stock!)

Common French Door Glass Inserts

Dual Pane Window Glass Replacement 3-5 Business Days

Custom Cut Tempered Glass will add at least 1 day

Laminated Safety Glass(common in storefront doors and windows) Same Day or Next Day

Glass and Glazing Contractor Services

Patio door replacement

New Windows Installation

Patio Doors Installations

Custom Frameless Showers and Enclosures

Hotel Shower Enclosures

Storefront Window and Door Installation

Interior Glass Partition Walls

We love what we do, it’s the stellar difference.

When you’re comparing professional glass companies, you’ll find that many things are the same. What’s not the same is the “will and want to” in the people you let into your home to repair or install your glass. Saving $50 on an offer from an average or less than average glazer will almost always cost you more in the end.

Save yourself the headache, the angst, and the stress of redoing the work years before you should. Our glazers have over 10 years of experience and will take the time to ensure you only pay for what you have to, and that your quality is better than you’ll get anywhere else.

Broken glass is not only a safety concern for yourself and your loved ones, but also for the security of your home or place of business. Finding a glass repair company you can trust is nearly as important as fixing your glass.

Whether you are replacing a broken window, patio door, mirror, or shower; Stellar Glass Works has the expertise and competitive pricing you’re looking for. We maintain a small team of the most experienced and knowledgeable staff in the glass business in order to never sacrifice quality, and maintain strong relationships with our clients.

At Stellar Glass Works, we can repair or replace every type of glass. From sliding glass doors, counter tops, custom mirrors, shower enclosures, glass tables, shelves, and glass fencing.

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A Trusted Glass Company

+ We replace all major brands of glass windows and door
+ Provide free estimates to determine whether you should repair or replace your glass windows or doors
+ Residential glass experts who work to prove themselves on every job +
+ We service commercial businesses as well
+ Sliding glass door replacement experts. We’ll work as quickly as possible to fix your door

Window Repair

Drafty Windows

Drafty windows let warm air into your home in the summer, while letting the cold suck out that warm air in the winter; adding about 10% to 25% to your energy bills, according to The repair for a drafty window is likely going to be much cheaper than it would be to go a year or two without a good seal.

Foggy Insulated Glass

If you notice your glass becomes foggy it’s time to replace the glass because of a failed seal that allows moisture to get in between the panes. Once that seal is gone, so is your insulation, meaning your energy efficiency is gone and you’ll lose a lot of temperature control inside your home.

Dual Pane Window vs Single Pane Window

New homes typically have dual pane windows or insulated glass. As a rule of thumb; homes built before 1978 had single pane windows, while homes built after 1978 had dual pane windows. To figure out which of the two you have, carefully look at the broken window (look, but don’t touch) and you’ll see either one layer of glass or two. If the window has a foggy look to it, as we mentioned above, that’s foggy on the inside but you can’t clean the window whether you’re inside or outside of your house, you have a dual pane.  Dual pane glass windows work by trapping air between the two layers to create an insulating factor and help reduce heat transfer through the glass. This also creates energy efficiency as well as a sound barrier helping to reduce noise volumes from outside your home.